Reasons To Stop Using Protein Powder

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Although protein powder has its place and a lot of people use it because it is definitely a lot more convenient to add protein powder to a shake than to eat a protein bar and the taste itself is extremely delicious there are a few reasons as to why you should stop using them.

From a purely objective stand point of research on health protein powder tends to be health neutral if not unhealthy and people that are looking forward to building muscle beyond normal or past their genetic limitations or those on anabolic hormones will need to use them.

But for the average human that wants to build muscle and lose weight by simply becoming more fit and healthy and wants a great physique protein powder is not at all a mandated requirement.

The biggest cause of aversion to using it that it is a processed food. Even in the category of processed food it is a refined product void of other nutrients that are more often found in high-protein whole foods.

Our diet regimes tend to focus on macro nutrients such as fats, carbs and proteins but we also need micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Protein powder is an isolated product which does not have all these essential ingredients. Even if they are fortified with these ingredients they don’t have the same impact on our bodies as real solid food.

There are always chemical ingredients, fullers and artificial sweeteners in these powders which is an uncalled for disadvantage. Protein powder also spikes insulin levels in the body and the raised blood sugar makes your body feel like it has taken sugar. Over the course of a day the blood sugar levels change tremendously with protein powder in your system signaling your body that it needs more rest and food.

This might be handled by the body’s insulin regulatory response after workouts but each protein powder intake would bring back these cravings. On the other hand eating solid food will make you feel fuller and satisfied for long periods of time as it has more innate nutrients.

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Nobody has learned everything about nutrition and food and it is safe to say that we don’t just need the protein part of a food but the other ingredients also mesh up with our system rather well and we need it to remain that way which cannot be gained by protein powder alone.

Also if you think you protein requirements are a gram per pound of body weight then you are overestimating the scales. A 0.6 gram protein per pound of body weight or lean mass is more than enough and the rest of your diet should include more carbohydrates for fuel.

This supplement has only gained popularity in recent times but people have been building muscled physiques for a long time by adding meat, eggs, potatoes and other vegetables in their diet.

It is an unnecessary expense that costs quite a bit and could easily be replaced by the lesser costly alternative of whole foods.

Protein powder is not decidedly unhealthy but if you are looking for reasonable muscle growth then you should certainly favor whole foods over marketed and processed supplements.


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