Reasons You Should Increase Your Exercise Intensity

exercise intensity

Many people exercise or do activities they consider to be good exercise but don’t understand that just going through the motions doesn’t allow them to reap the benefits of a high intensity workout. If you are not challenging yourself enough you might start increasing your exercise intensity due to certain reasons.

To begin with it reduces the chances of your death, at least one through natural causes. Intense exercises, regardless of your other physical activities throughout the day improve your heart conditions and reduce coronary heart diseases. The more intensely you exercise the less chances of all-cause mortality which makes it a direct reason to improve longevity proven time and again.

Exercising not only shapes our body from the outside but has a lot of influence on our hormones and for a significant amount of hormone stimulation intense exercises work magic. They easily stimulate fat loss and muscle building hormones like growth hormones and testosterone all over the body and even release insulin-like growth factor (IGF).

In general exercise helps improve metabolism but it is particular when the level of exertion increases that our thyroid hormones like TSH and T4 which converts to T3 all rise up in our body and stimulate metabolism. The more intensity the better our metabolism becomes.

exercise intensity 2

It is also more effective in terms of losing weight because moderate-intensity exercises or even endurance training does not do your body enough favors as compared to high-intensity exercises that help you lose more fat.

Exercise intensity is also directly proportional to EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) also known as the after burn effect. Our bodies can trigger metabolic processes that stimulate EPOC that lasts up to two hours after exercise if we maintain intensities above 40% of VO2 max. What happens is that our bodies create an oxygen debt while intense workouts and to return back to normal, repair cells, re-oxygenate blood and normalize heart rate it burns up calories at a good pace.

After intense workouts you are also less likely to overeat as it delays the onset of eating and gives you a good amount of negative energy balance in the system causing fuel depletion via calorie burning. They are also a lot easier than spending hours at gym as HIIT workouts require only about 20-30 minutes and are more engaging and exciting in nature.

When you push your physical limits and achieve something based solely on your power you are bound to experience the runner’s high or an equivalent feeling which is the release of feel-good chemicals like endorphins in your system elevated especially when you exercise at 80% of VO2 max. This is a great way to improve your mood and keep yourself happy quite naturally.

Other two major improvements to your system that are purely medical in nature and will definitely save you from future trips to the doctor are improved insulin sensitivity and you need low to moderate levels of insulin in your body to be able to lose fat successfully and by increasing the amount of oxygen you can transport during exercise, specifically known as VO2 max your cardiovascular fitness will also be optimized.

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