Reasons You Should Never Feel Hungry When Losing Weight

hunger while losing weight

Hunger is just as natural a feeling as thirst and the reaction to both should be prompt and satisfying as per the body needs because no matter what diet regime you follow, you should not be hungry when trying to lose weight.

This does not mean that you give in to each craving or that you should always feel full. Managing your appetite is a part of the process but you definitely do not need to withhold your diet excessively.Your body needs nutrition on a regular basis and when you are not fulfilling them you are making it both unhealthy and vulnerable.

A certain pattern for those who overly restrict themselves is how after a period of time lose to those urges and binge-eat. Overdoing in any regard is unhealthy characteristic and leads to eating disorders or bad eating habits. This does you no good in the long run because with each small step forward towards weight loss you stumble back.

A neat trick to play on your body is to make sure it feels satisfied and isn’t always in a deprived station. That is what portion controlling, exercising dutifully andcareful snacking is; to ensure you are eating without food getting in the way of weight loss.

Leptin and ghrelin are the two primary hormones that help us control our diet. When you eat they send signals all over the body that it has been fed and thus the body decides that burning fat for fuel is a necessary action. But if you stay hungry your body tends to hold on to its reserves of fat because it predicts a future period of hunger. This slows down your metabolism and instead of getting rid of fat faster you simply end up feeling famished.

hunger while losing weight 2

Hunger is a pinpoint that tells us that we need food or more calories. Our body could be missing essential nutrients or needs more energy. Ignoring them could lead to both mental and physical side effects. After all the first important detail of any program is to start listening to your body and finding effective ways to give it what it requires. Changing dietary habits could be tough but you need to continuously provide sustenance to your system as it is not only healthy for you but also contributes to weight loss. Losing weight in itself does not require you to starve yourself or crash diet, just taking things at a good pace and managing your calorie intake at par with bodily cravings always suffices.

Also it is not just about how hunger is relevant to weight loss or how good or bad the gnawing feeling at the pit of your stomach. Amidst the physical and emotional dilemma lie how tolerable this feeling is and how sustainable a feeling hunger is to be tolerated. Eating is a part of our lives but it’s not a precedent event. You eat, feel good enough and then continue with you day’s work or rather that’s how it should be instead of feeling famished and being aware of how much you want to eat and still deny yourself. Because frankly nobody can resist for much long and both periods of forced hunger and then mindless shoving food down the throat are counter-productive to the goals people set for themselves to get healthy and lose weight in a manageable way.

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