Shocking Reasons To Give Up Soda For Your Health


Soda is almost a national beverage that comes in all forms, is readily available to everybody and is a big part of people’s daily food intake. If you cannot imagine passing the day without a soda or a drink then you fall under the category of soda addicts. It doesn’t matter if you are having a diet soda or a fruit, juice or energy drink; they are all composed of the same chemicals that lead to obesity and a plethora of other diseases.

You may not consider it as a threat yet because the idea itself has remained vague, the marketing in favor of sodas never mentions the probable side effect and there are a few individuals who are drinking it up without much weight gain but the physical appearance of a person says nothing about their overall health.

As a consumer of any product on a daily basis you ought to know the risks you are putting yourself into. For starters these are addictive beverages that easily become a force of habit and decrease your appetite for nutritious foods and beverages and open the gateway to bad diets.

Their composition includes a dangerous amount of fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring that lays a role in causing cancer in mice, phosphates that decrease life span in mice and artificial sweeteners that do not decompose in our bodies; these sweeteners are associated as causes of migraines, headaches and visual instabilities and cause polluted water supplies that puts the entire eco-system in danger.

drinking soda

These sweeteners themselves contain an excitotoxin aspartame that charges the brain cells so much that they die. Aspartame is banned to be used by pilots in the USA because of the severity of health risks they present especially seizures and optical problems. In our bodies aspartame converts to a carcinogen formaldehyde and settles in the brain which is an altogether different neurological complication.

Other preservative damage our bodies on a cellular level and have significant ties to hives, asthma and allergy. It’s not just about the constituents that are very dangerous indeed; soda also causes many health disasters on a general scale. The excessive amount of genetically modified corn and the packaging in aluminum cans possibly containing BPA is not a far stretch from cancer, obesity and fertility disorders. Add to the list BVO that is accused of causing attitude issues, infertility, and memory loss and nerve and heart ailments.

From a purely medical health point, our bodies bear the damage done to them by sodas andbecome more susceptible to obesity and that itself leads to depression and self-image problems. Most of the fat we gain from soda gets settled in our bellies and tampers with our metabolism. Another outward disadvantage is decaying of teeth due to its acidic nature.

Soda is directly responsible for type 2 diabetes which becomes a constant condition whilst increasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes by 40%.

The main concern is how it reduces good food appetite and bodily functions while increasing dangerous and alarming contaminants in our bodies. As if increasing cholesterol levels by 11%, causing osteoporosis, dehydration, body inflammation and aging weren’t damning enough sodas reduce insulin sensitivity, kidney function and normalization of appetite.

Given the disadvantages of these sodas one can’t help but argue how they damage our health and at most should be an occasional beverage only.


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