Should You Eat Before Bed

eating before going to bed

We are almost all the time being bombarded with all these incredible advice over the internet, in magazines and on diet charts pertaining to weight loss and some of those tidbits work wonders but at the same time there are tips that not only damage our plans but also our health in general.

A lot of nutritionists are strongly opposed to the idea that going to sleep with an empty stomach helps you lose weight faster. This is an ordeal that most dieters put their system through in haste and some even go as far as not eating anything after 6 p.m. till the breakfast next morning.

When we sleep our actions are limited but our bodily functions are still in full form and our metabolism is burning calories. Our metabolism needs to be up and running and requires fuel every three hours which is why portioning of food and increasing the frequency while decreasing the size of calorie intake is given so much thought in diet plans.

eating befre sleeping

From the time till you sleep till you wake up, your metabolism is still active and requires fat to burn. Muscle retention is important, you need to prioritize that with each pound of weight you lose most of it would be fat and if you can help it the least of it will be muscle. If your routine keeps you awake well after evening and you either gym before sleeping your body would crave food.

There is no point denying ourselves much-needed nutrients and most people do get hungry right around the 9 p.m. mark or even before. If you have exerted yourself then you need to eat. But you need to be mindful about what you are eating and how much you are eating.

Weight loss is based on the concept of how much calories you intake and how much of that you burn and a good calorie deficit promises burning of fats. But the burning process is gradual and carries throughout the 24 hours and metabolism does not sleep overnight with you.

It is at that time that your body needs a potential fuel to burn till you wake up the next day. You should definitely eat before going to sleep but avoid carbohydrates in dinner because they are high-intensity fuel which you can make do with during the activities of a day but not while sleeping. Go for protein particularly casein protein found in yogurt and cottage cheese that gets digested over a period of time and fuel gets released into your system throughout the night.

Food is a most essential fuel and having a healthy meal before sleeping is crucial to weight loss because that allows our body to maintain posterity. When sleeping each body muscle needs to be able to recover from the stress put on during exercises, sleeping well is also a fast trick to weight loss as it promotes healthy activities during the day and proper consumption and digestion of food. Most importantly not eating is not an option whether you do it during the day or the night.


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