Simple Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

losing weight

Whenever we try to do something we tend to start expecting results from the get go and while results are a good metric for performance and help us evaluate how successful we are they also put some extra pressure on us. It is a lot easier to gain such results without having to try so hard or without trying at all, and weight loss is one such instance where you can lose a few pounds by simply being mindful of a few basic ideas.

Life in general has a principle called the 80/20 principle which states that 80% of your result comes from 20% of your efforts. This stems from the fact that people often over-do and over-think simple task and this flow of extra information and extra things to do corrupts their concept of a winning strategy. It is all or nothing with them and if they don’t see results they get demotivated enough to stop.

What you need to focus on is the bigger picture, the basic idea about weight loss where you eat whole foods, become more active, and generally start making healthy decisions for your body that will be reflected in your body composition.

The 80/20 percentage also stands true for food where you ought to eat 80% of whole foods such as fiber, protein and essential nutrients and 20% of fun foods that are more likely indulgences. Whole foods have a natural tendency to make you feel full and restricting diet. It is also the better alternative to counting calories.

A lot of people don’t enjoy counting each calorie so the simpler way to go about it is practicing moderation of quality and quantity. Eat healthy whole food and measure out your portions so when you do eat you are in control of what goes in your body.

losing weight2

Exerting effort would take a toll on you if you realize you are pushing yourself too hard. A more safe and enjoyable approach is doing exercises that you count as play-time rather than a task to be dealt with. You are more likely to continue an exercise for life if you are thrilled or excited by the prospect so don’t limit yourself to a specific strength training module, just think of activities that you like and make them more physically challenging so you sweat out and build muscle without feeling overwhelmed.

The NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is a big part of effortless weight loss tip. Except when you are sleeping eating and exercising you are burning calories doing simple and mundane tasks be it getting up to switch off all the lights, cooking, cleaning, walking or running to the market. Try to do them more often and aim for a more active lifestyle where you burn calories and manage your resting metabolic rate so that by a count of a minimum 10 calorie burn for those movements the number at the end of the day is significant enough to make those pounds go down.

If the idea of weight loss becomes overwhelming think of it as taking one step at a time and making small changes each day. Don’t focus on weight loss or fat loss per se but think about being healthier as weight gain and loss is a direct result of your decisions. Going to the root of the cause don’t narrow it to exercise or type of food but a generalized concept of what is healthy for you and will yield you  a better body composition which automatically normalizes your weight.

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