Strength Training And Not Cardio

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Most of us start with our weight loss goals and conclude on some sort of cardio exercise in hopes it would be sufficient for fat loss and while it might work to some scale they miss out on the real potential to lose weight by neglecting strength training which is the real fat burner.

To clear up the confusion between strength training and cardio we must first understand that cardiovascular activities at their core are designed to induce a steady state of heartbeat for a regular period of time. The two are not mutually exclusive and you don’t need to attempt both separately as strength training when done at high intensity is also cardio vascular in nature.

Another misconception is that strength training is for people looking to build mass as opposed to losing fat but the fact is with strength training you can lose more fat and replace it with muscle mass that is more conducive to fat loss than just losing overall weight where you might end up losing muscle as well.

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Strength training builds muscle which is extremely important for fat loss. The fact is muscles keep on burning calories and we lose fat to it throughout the day and not just during the workout session which is when cardio helps you reduce fat.

Your body constantly mobilizes fatty acids to feed your muscle even when you sleep, therefore making strength training a never ending fat burning cycle.

From a broader perspective of weight loss what we must intend to do is create a metabolic environment in our bodies that is conducive to fat loss and then use nutrition to further that agenda. Strength training gives you this advantage that cardio skips out on by generating a release of growth hormones and chemicals such as testosterone that help mobilize fatty acids. This helps your body shape up for fat loss from within.

Another peculiar influence of strength training is the after burn effect or the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) in which your heart rate uses a lot of fuel in terms of body calories to return back to normal. The body continues to burn those calories for hours to re-oxygenate blood, to reduce muscle glycogen stores and repair cells.

When designed effectively strength training is a very intense interval training protocol that might use just a simple cardio exercise like squats to burn fat faster than simple cardio. One quick exercise demo is loading up the bar with your squat 10 rep max and do those reps, take a respite without losing the weight and continue another rep till you do a 20 rep-squats and you will see how you wouldn’t need or even be able to go for another workout for the next hour.

This is the advantage strength training has. It is simple and flexible and it works out your body to maximize its inner potency to shred fat while building muscle that will eat your fat throughout the day on top of your muscles themselves straining to lose extra fat.

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