Strength Training Mistakes You Must Avoid

strength training mistakes

Although strength training takes precedence over cardio, if not used effectively there is potential danger of injury and there happen to be some common strength training mistakes that everybody needs to avoid.

First off, do not skip or belittle the warm up session. Get your blood pumping through your heart and muscles properly and do some dynamic stretching and only then go for maximal loads.

Train your mind to work in favor of your muscles, not your ego so when deciding on weight loads you are careful about your personal endurance and not proving a point to others. The same can be said for those that try to stick it out through injuries or sickness. While pushing yourself to be better is a good thing, it never works when you are sick and this does you more damage than good.

An injury might need more time to recover but even before than you ought to give your muscles proper resting and relaxation period so they restore themselves in between workouts. A single intense workout and dieting might need 48 hours for muscles to recover. When you train your growth stops, it is only during resting periods that it continues which is why altering between training and recovery is important.

Mistakes during a workout are a whole new chapter. People need momentum for power movements but they are often guilty of taking advantage of momentum when they shouldn’t. It is designed to improve reversal strength but that doesn’t happen when you immediately reverse a weight after lowering it down.

strength training mistakes 2

Through the entire range of motion muscles aren’t used. Another problem is using reduced range of motion. Partial reps or pull-ups, aimed for training certain points, aren’t as good as carrying a reduced weight load from the beginning till the end through a long distance safely.

Mostly men, though anybody could make this mistake, focus on the upper body placing attention to biceps, triceps and chests but you need to train your lower body, the area of quads, hamstrings, hips and glutes with the same intensity.

Also keep track of what exercise you are doing at the gym each day and include a form of periodization or progressive overload.Plan your workout so that you add and reduce weight all aimed at making yourself stronger. Isolation exercises seem like fun but they take time so group them up and compound exercises and movements to build muscle and isolation movements for weak points.

If you are able to do any exercise be it dumbbells or squats then you aren’t really pushing yourself and you need to increase your intensity levels for any kind of result. Also high reps don’t more fat and strength trainingneeds to be about getting stronger by building muscle. Mix up your high and low reps as both are essential to your body and fat loss.

Don’t be put off if spot reducing fat exercise techniques such as leg extension, leg curl, abductor/adductor or glute machines so not work because weight loss is never localized and strength training is about boosting your metabolism which in turn provides room for weight loss.

A good way to avoid injury is by not creating muscle imbalances and training all the muscles in your body be it stabilizer muscles, antagonistic or target muscles.

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