Success Stories

It takes only 3 weeks, a total of 21 days for people to reap the benefits of the ‘Three Week Diet’ and lose weight really fast. A lot of people can vouch for these guidelines s they share their success stories.

“Worked miracles”- Greg

It takes a while before we decided to make amends and after turning 50 and facing some red alerts I finally decided to change things for myself. My hip was due for a replacement but I did not let that hamper my resolve to do something constructive despite the pain and discovered the 3 week diet program that has been almost miraculous for me.

There are a few personal changes you need to make and adapt as I myself wasn’t found of vegetables at first but after seeing ho vegetable diets can help me lose weight I am all up for them. I have had to eat less and walk every day and really be dedicated towards my goal but all was worth it when I lost a substantial amount of weight in just 11 days. The next 10 days would require even more when I start working out, using the BMR and giving up on calories.

After all the efforts and being halfway through the program it is evident that losing weight is important so there’s no need to stop now. Just reading the instructions properly, starting running and dieting is required to complete the course.

“The ultimate fat melting way”- Nicholas

When I saw a lot of positive reviews about this program online I became a bit skeptical. Disbelieving how something so good is there in the market I didn’t buy it at first but after some soul searching and research I decided to get this diet plan.

It was pleasant to discover that this product had a lot of basic and vital information, most of which I had known and used but lacked he correct way to use it. I knew then that I had done the right thing.

As somebody who has done a lot of experiments and wasted a lot of money on worthless products before coming to the right product and losing 7 kgs in just 3 weeks, I would surely recommend people to go for the 3 week diet as it is worth each penny.

I live a very committed life where I have to look after my kids who have sports activities, my volunteering duties and a full time job but if I can manage to follow this diet and lose 12 pounds n just 8 days I imagine anybody can do it

Some parts of the diet were easy for me as I do not like carbs and could easily have a high protein diet as I wanted to lose more weight but other than that I was a bit tough to clear my mind and focus during the first week. Eventually though I overcame that and set up a flow.

I plan to continue with his diet as it works so well and has done wonders for me and I am sure I would reach my goal. There are some reviews that say it does not work but I find that hard to believe as it is one of the best diet plans I have ever seen.

“Totally works”- Rebecca Price

Not just me but my husband also tried this diet plan and we are so grateful as we lost 10 pounds in just the starting week which gave me even more confidence and I knew this would work perfectly. I had some problems understanding the manual but all of my queries were time and again answered in a truly understandable way by the author Brian Flatt himself and I could not thank him enough

He made me understand the process so I could be certain of this diet’s potential, explained weight losing facts and the significance of timing my exercises. I have decided to follow this guide for the rest of my life as it has already become a part of my daily routine.

“Loads of handy information’ – Melissa Kearns

I am from the field of nutrition and I know quite a bit about nutrition and diet so trust me when I say this diet plan manual is spot on. It is amazing how I gained so much knowledge and revised all the training and education I have had so far and this manual single handedly has put together tons of useful and important information about health and nutrition.

This plan is entirely fitting and I have even bought the cookbook. The explanation and details are vivid and easy to understand and following them should not be an issue but whether or not it works relies upon to what degree you follow it and don’t break the ground rules.

“The best plan in my history of diet plans”- Christin Davis

I am 59 and with other experiences I have also tried on lots of diet plans but it has taken me this long to find the perfect one that I was hoping would turn up. I started on a Monday and by Saturday I had lost 10 pounds without draining myself and in fact feel lively.

I am sure my dress size would decrease at the end of this diet which eggs me on to continue with it. The results are more than pleasing so is wearing my clothes and I thank the author for coming up with such a brilliant product.

“The best way to reduce weight in 3 weeks”-Tom

Before doing anything else I first tried to grasp the working of the process and truly comprehend how I could lose weight and I was impressed by the sincerity behind the words of tis manual and the reviews posted by people.  I read the entire manual and dissected each word to clearly get it. Having tried lots of diet plans I wanted to know how it could work in just 3 weeks.

To test it out I have purchased it and I know by the way things are so easily explained and can be followed without any trouble, this extremely interesting diet plan would make my weight loss successful if I just stick to it.

Life Changer’- Kayleen Wooten

I am 51 and losing weight at this age is not easy. With all the struggles that I had to ace this diet plan has worked wonders for and fits me just perfectly well. I want to thank Brian whose product has literally turned my life around and I started losing weight from the beginning and never stopped.

I bought it in late 2014 and in 5 months I have lost 24 kg, found new confidence and could not be happier with the decision I have made.

“Amazing Diet Plan”-Gene

When I had decided to lose 20 pounds in just 21 days I thought it could not be real or be extremely tough. However I was pleasantly surprised when I lost 14 pounds in just 11 days into the diet plan. I have a personal dislike of workouts so I stopped before that phase but I will resume the diet plan again after some time to lose 10-15 pounds more.

I made a mistake with the chart and got the wrong product or the fish oil but I would definitely get some protein powder and the right foods as this is the fastest way of losing weight if I perform just the way the manual instructs.

“I am truly impressed”-Harvey Wakeman

I couldn’t stop myself from writing this review before the end of my diet plan of 21 days because he results are coming in so quick and I am so impressed at the loss of 14 pounds already I cannot contain the joy I am feeling right now.

Having two kids is already hard on the schedule but I tried to keep up with the exercise routine and worked out 4 days each week and faithfully stuck to the diet and so far I have lost a good amount of weight and can’ weight for the final results.

“Undeniably incredible”-Adriana

My body size has always been full and being chubby is not the greatest thing in the world if you are trying to lose weight but after a lot of struggle I finally found this diet plan and it worked like a charm. I feel like I spent my money for something that was totally worth it. Before this I had given up on losing weight but having lost 15 pounds already I can appreciate my slimmer and healthier look and I am very happy that such as easy to follow plan exists.