The 5 Stages Of Weight Loss

weight loss

To start throwing around fancy and lengthy terms without deeply and simply explaining what each of them means is rather discourteous and turns people away from the food of thought. To begin with every change in our lives happens around stages and there are no such things as overnight transformations. Weight loss is also about changes in stages and when we see it through the Trans theoretical Model of Behavior Change we can fit in the weight loss journey and its success in it.

Successful weight loss is all about changing your lifestyle which means you need to change your behavior, the way you act and approach things.

It is fitting that the first stage is pre-contemplation when you are snugly accommodated in your lifestyle and have no desire to change it. It either means you are unaware there is a problem or are happy just the way you are. You will rationalize against making changes but rest assured if you have started reading about makeovers then you are ready and willing to cross this phase onto the next one.

After pre-contemplation comes contemplation itself and this phase is when you more so think and get stuck in your head. A lot of people wanting to lose weight have made this stage their pit stop. At this point you will be researching and grasping at clues of what to do and thinking about making concrete efforts towards losing weight or lifestyle change. This act of consciously deciding is what will fuel you to act on those plans in the later stages.

The third stage is a very crucial one and those that skip this one typically lack a sense of being educated and might come revolving down the doors of success in the long run because after contemplation and before action we need preparation which happens to be the third stage of weight loss. At this stage you have decided that you want to change, you know there are ways in which you can make that happen and you no longer feel hopeless about your current situation. You ready yourself to embrace smaller changes such as drinking more water and walking while outlining bigger plans that are to be set in motion once you have filtered through the plethora of information contemplation brought.

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The second last phase is one of the toughest ones and if you can continuously stick to it for 6 months you might be looking at a lasting change in your life but to make it through the initial strenuous times take a lot of strength. This is when theory departs and you only have your mindset to fuel you whilst you are physically making your plans come to life. It is when you actively change your bad habits and replace them with good ones. Where you are questioned by peers and you are yourself unsure of whether you can be this way for the rest of your life.

After the fourth stage you go into maintenance phase and this is when you have broken your emotional attachment to bad food, your motivation levels are high and people are congratulating you for your accomplishments. Most importantly you are happier and do not want to go back to harmful behaviors and are happier with your new lifestyle that you have adjusted to. This is when you have finally traded in a healthier lifestyle.

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