Tiny Changes To Your Diet That Will Make A Big Impact

A lot of times when we are micromanaging we tend to get overwhelmed and the desired results start slipping off our hands. Conversely a lot of people don’t know where to begin from when they make weight loss their ultimate mission. The answer to both these dilemma is quite simple actually, all you is a few adjustments to your daily diet and you are bound to feel the magnitude of impact they will have on your weight.

losing weight

Losing weight is the umbrella term for basically losing fat and in order to do that you need to increase your protein intake but do it reasonably so if you are not looking to build huge muscles. Protein has an almost automatic and involuntary reaction to fat and the more protein we take the better our body composition becomes. This is because it builds muscles and enhances our metabolism which makes digestion of fuel such as fat that much easy. Also it reduces our cravings for food and minimizes mindless eating by making us feel full and regulating our blood sugar levels for the entire day.

Rest assured though, increased protein intake does not mean you have to start eating a lot of meat right away. You only need to eat 0.6-0.8 gram per pound of your body weight of weight that can come through eggs, edamame, quinoa, Greek yogurt and many other high-protein foods.

Also you don’t have to indefinitely cut off carbohydrates of all kinds from your diet. You can include them or rather you should include them to have a whole pack of nutrition but you might reconsider the kind of carbs you are eating and replace with the more substantial kind.


Breads, pastas, cereals and whole grains are not helpful with weight loss but fruits and vegetables are tremendously fruitful for weight loss as they have good carbs which our bodies processes better and in turn enhances our metabolism with the simultaneous advantage of stabilizing our blood sugar levels.


Another item of dietary concern is sugar and regardless of whether the sweetness comes from processed or natural sweeteners you need to be aware of how much sugar intake do you have. Reducing the amount of sugar you take in your coffee, replacing honey in your smoothie with bananas, eating fruits and drinking water as snacks are all part of the change you need to make once you realize your sugar consumption is counter-productive to losing weight. The simple act of moving to healthier sugar sources or natural sweeteners will not help you lose weight; you really need to find out how much sugar are you eating and where is it coming from and cut back on your overall sweet consumption.

Coming full circle if you avoid fats altogether the know that 30% of your calorie intake needs to come from healthy fat and if you do eat healthy fats but are following the same rut then change the kind of food sources of these fats and achieve a more varied palette of good fat foods such as avocado, buts, olive oil, fatty fish and flax seeds to ensure good metabolism. This is important because fats provide us with enough energy to support a highly active lifestyle or exercise regime and make us feel full so that we do not have irregular food cravings. Fats are just as essential as protein, being the energy-dense macro-nutrient they are and need to be a part of our diet in various forms to work their magic.

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