Tips To Deal With Hunger

dealing with hunger

Hunger: an absolutely normal and justifiable feeling which is in reality a physical response of our body and should never be ignored. But there is a peculiar difference between hunger and craving. We should make sure that the body isn’t starving and take care of our hunger by fulfilling its nutrient wants but since cravings are merely an emotional response we shouldn’t give in to those and find alternate ways to keep our mind and body occupied.

There are emotional causes of hunger that have their roots in our lifestyles and the way we use food to get rid of boredom or just to fulfill a daily routine. This is a tad bit harder to control than most because the need to feed is hard-wired in our minds and whether it is TV time or late night snacking we have triggers urging us to eat. To cope with them find alternative activities and gradually learn to change your habits. Boredom should be countered by some physical activity that doesn’t toll on you emotionally and for munching in front of TV try making healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetables.

Eating high-glycemic foods that instantly release glucose in the system or even processed food will make you feel hungry an hour or so after having your meal. This isn’t because your body needs food per se but the feeling of drowsiness and hunger is onset due to low blood sugar that triggers the urge to eat carbohydrates. To avoid this make better food choices and eat low-glycemic whole foods during afternoon.

When on diet a lot of people practically starve them and do not eat enough. When attempting to lose weight you ought to feel hungry only when it’s time to eat, occasionally or if your calorie consumption is 10 times below your body weight and at that instance you need to start eating more or start eating the right kinds of food for you.

Eat more satiating food that keep you feeling full such as protein. Fats and carbohydrates don’t last as much but fiber dense, water dense and low-glycemic food will curb your hunger responses.

dealing with hunger 2

There are things that you need to eat in moderation and things you need to avoid and one of those happen to be artificial sweeteners. Both natural and artificial sweeteners make the body feel like it has ingested a good amount of glucose which raises insulin levels and the cravings rise up. While natural actually does release glucose in your body artificial ones don’t have any calories thus no glucose and you are merely playing a trick against your mind that thinks it has consumed glucose but your body knows it hasn’t and continuously sends signals for more food.

Talking about the amount of calories you consume hunger isn’t just about eating or not eating. It has more to do with the quality of your food and you need to include all essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet to actually feel satiated.

Last but not the least you should keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water so that your body functions effectively and stop mistaking thirst for the need to have a cold soda orsome form of food.

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