Twisted Reality Of Eating More And Losing More

eat more lose more

Normally we tend to think if we eat more we gain more weight, so if we eat less of course we would lose weight. But how fat stretched is this notion from reality can be discerned by clarifying the equation between weight loss and food.

You gain weight, it is both muscle, fat and water and when attempting to lose it we are trying to shred the extra pound brought on by fat. Now it takes a while before we get our special bulges around thighs and stomach and nobody puts on weight overnight. Similarly nobody can attempt an effective weight loss if they are not willing to wait and be patient about the whole process. People stress themselves out; they set out to lose weight and want to get results in the shortest amount of time plausible. The problem starts out when people start eating less and working out or being active a lot more.

We all have our own maintenance level, the optimum level of calories we need to be able to go about during the day and they need to be met so our system stays well fed or at least the signals of the body assume so that fat can be burnt as fuel freely.

When going from a sedentary lifestyle where you don’t move around much and eating everything all the time to not eating enough and working out the calorie deficit created in the body could be well above a 1000 calories.

eat more lose more 2

This is a bad attitude to start from the initial level because then your diet restriction will push your body to adapt quickly and while you may lose a lot of weight at the beginning, after a few weeks your weight loss percentage would trick down to a standstill point. You will stop believing in your efforts and are most likely to give up from the lack of results.

A more long lasting way to lose weight where you gradually but continuously lose weight quite effortlessly is to aim for a slow lifestyle change where you eat depending on the body requirements and make it compatible with your activities

Reducing calories or food intake is not the ideal take from the get go. You should estimate your maintenance calories by increasing calorie intake by a 100 and weighing yourself. When you can see yourself gaining weight at a certain calorie level mark it and then create a maximum calorie deficit of 15%.

Cutting off instantly without letting yourself cope slows down your metabolism and your body would be in a lot strain that s detrimental to your health. To achieve homeostasis it will stop generating hormones such as thyroid, testosterone and with increased demand for vitamins, calories and other minerals you would be in a constant craving state.Naturally our bodies have responses we can’t directly control and at this point our bodies decide to break down our muscle that are more needy when it comes to fuel and store fat that will eventually help the body in need of fuel.

Eating more will ensure that you have a good body composition and the mechanisms are working aptly which might not seem so hard to accept once you realize the way the human body operates and how deprivation negatively affects our system.

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