Ways To Boost Your Willpower

boost your willpower

There is a proven logic that you can’t out-diet a bad exercise so what matters most is how you manage your diet and the food choices you make ought to reflect your resolve to lose weight. But despite all the knowledge of what to eat and what not to eat, the differences healthy food can make in your life and the havoc unhealthy foods cause us we are still unable to fight the craving we have for unhealthy foods. Why do you suppose that happens? Are we really that weak-willed or are there some factors at play which if handled more smoothly can help us boost our willpower?

If you want to make good choices then first and foremost start seeking out more sunlight. You will need to buy more sunscreen but the benefits of going outdoors during the day and experiencing the sun might do both your mood and appetite a lot of favor. Doses of vitamin D keep depression at length and help you limit your emotional need to eat. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people who stay indoors and don’t exercise much have vitamin D deficiencies which make our body crave for more nutrients which we try to satisfy with instant processed food creating a negative eating cycle.

You can also differentiate between wanting to eat when you are bored and when you are really hungry and use that to your advantage. The best way to do that is to keep moving throughout the day and get a boost from physical activity that makes the chemical flow in your body, your endorphin levels to a good level. Do things that make you feel good and walk, run, jump or do yoga to overcome the need to eat when you are not really hungry.

Another really productive and rewarding way to go about boosting your willpower is by growing your own food even if it is container gardening and using the fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables in food recipes that will be a lot more nutritious for you and own family. Gardening, like yoga also helps reduce stress.

boost your willpower 2

Prioritizing sleep is another remedy as a good 6-8 hour nap will refresh you, and not staying up late will keep you away from your kitchen and thus food during the night. Keep a glass of water by your bedside in case you get thirst but elude a trip to the kitchen where you might be tempted to snack a bit.

Most snacks and munching activities are basically just our habits so start replacing our habits of eating chips, chocolate or buttery popcorn with carrot sticks, fruit and protein drink or unsalted popcorn while watching TV or working.

Don’t stay or feed your addiction to sugar, start choosing quality calories that will give your body the nutrition it craves for and make you feel full. Meditate to become more peaceful and thoughtful so that you are able to avoid mindless eating and increase your sense of well-being as well as fully understanding the consequences of your decisions.

Most of all keep your mood balanced and make rational choices. Be in control of yourself and find a partner with whom you can be honest and have a relationship of accountability that goes both ways and is positive rather than judgmental.

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