Should We Use Weight Loss Supplements?

weight loss suppliments

Losing weight is the ultimate goal of many individuals and they seek out different ways to help them with the task. This includes the simple trick called dieting and regular exercise but some people also fall for the fake promises of diet pills.

Many noted physicians have shown concern over the current increase in people turning to weight loss supplements and are worried about the lasting effects it has on people’s health

From a novice’s point of view weight loss supplements are heavenly solutions that firms create after careful consideration for the consumer’s health and weight. That, however, is not the case. These weight loss supplements are developed in shady places and are not exclusively forced to meet certain standards before being supplied into the market.

The authorities in place that oversee the clinical trials of medicinal drugs such as FDA has more power over drugs than supplements which is why they keep popping back up with different names and under different labels each time.

Weight loss supplements could be any of the thousands of products including Meridia that has only recently been banned or Slimming Beauty, Slim Burn or 24Hours Diet. Before commenting on their effects whether positive or negative we must consider their composition.

weight loss supplements 2

Although most of them claim to be natural and herbal products they are adulterated drugs with high volumes of unrecommended drugs such as stimulants, diuretics and antidepressants. One such weight loss supplement that was pulled out of the market used the stimulant funproporex that is altogether illegal in the USA. Sibutramine is another compound that is used without approval or above recommended volume and causes some major health concerns.

How can our body lose weight if we ourselves don’t do anything and blindly trust a magic pill? The answer is it doesn’t work the way it should. Even if and when you lose weight you are at the risk of suffering from high blood pressure, headache, vomiting and insomnia. Some could go as far as causing strokes and heart attacks. This is because to get the effects of stimulations essential to weight loss these weight loss supplements use alterations of prescription drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

This is the reason why around 70 drugs have been banned in the recent years alone and the authorities are taking a more direct approach towards regulating these supplements but since anybody can make them and sell it to naive customers who are not aware of the required labels, content literature and approvals from legitimate authorities.

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Thus a much safer, much fruitful and guaranteed way of losing weight is by getting a product that does not endanger you. These include exercise and diet regimes in diet plans among which the 3 week diet plan works wonders. The time given to body, 21 days, is perfect for our bodies to lose weight, get toned and feel fresh safely and for a long period of time. It is not a phony or illegal way where the results are promised overnight but a natural and healthy way to ensure weight loss. The package is available online with complete transparency and the confidence of millions of customers as well as professional doctors and is definitely the better way to go as opposed to weight loss supplements.

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