Why Are You Not Losing Weight

not losing weight

You are eating right, you have a diet chart and you are constantly exercising to lose pounds but the scales are not shifting downwards and you are left wondering why you are not losing weight. There are several possible reasons to explain that, however you must realize that regardless of losing or not losing any weight exercising and proper diet will make you a healthier person and not about looking a certain way.

One of the most common mistakes people make is not eating or not eating enough when they start out. Crash dieting is more of a disadvantage and even if you are doing in unintentionally it will hamper your weight loss goals. Our body needs to store energy that is provided by calories and when losing weight we tend to burn down those calories. Ideally a person needs to burn down enough calories so that there is only a 15% deficit. Your body has an automatic response of storing energy when it sees a lack of food supply and if you starve yourself unnecessarily instead of burning calories it will start storing them or later use which is where you hit a stagnant period.

Another diet related reason is not having enough nutrients in your diet. We need a lot of nutrients such as fiber, iron and vitamins in our daily diet for our metabolism to stay active and functioning. It is the capability of our body to digest food and spread out energy. If for any reason you are not taking enough nutrients your metabolism would become slower and you will have to eat less and less so that your body has enough time to burn those calories which will further deteriorate your metabolism and create a vicious cycle.

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Your metabolism itself could be a cause of you not losing weight. We all have different cycles while some can follow the same routine over and over again and still lose weight some have a very adaptable metabolism that will catch on to the eating habits and adapt thus minimizing the calorie deficit that ensures weight loss. This can be remedied by alternating diets or calorie cycling so that your metabolism stays sharp.

Understand that everything you eat, be it a morsel of food or a slice of cheese needs to be counted as calorie intake. A lot of people miscount their calories by not weighing or measuring their food portions and even then they could be clueless about the amount of calories in them.

Weight loss is as much about complementing food and exercise as it is about keeping you mentally active and fit. If you are working out a lot and still intense exercises are not helping you then you are not eating right. A bad diet cannot be compensated by exercising more, in fact it only stresses out your muscles. Sometimes though, the exercise regime is spot on but you have only recently started it and your body is saving up on glucose and water which causes weight gain but that will eventually subside.

Last but not the least sleep for 7-9 hours and do not stress your body or mind as that is counterproductive to weight loss.  Any or a combination of these factors could be stopping you from losing weight.

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