Why Dieting Is A Waste Of Time And Energy?


Dieting itself is not the ultimate solution to obesity and even if we shrug off the technical flaws there are still many mental aspects of dieting that are more negative or futile in nature.

To begin with let’s explore how dieting really works. You realize you want to lose weight so you decide to cut off your food intake and adhere to a food regime that promises you a certain amount of weight loss by the end. Notice that there is always an end of date attached to these programs which seems to be the core problem with dieting.

Time is not a separate metric when it comes to food habits. If you decide to discard junk and processed food or extra calories for a limited number of times then, what do you suppose happens when that duration is over? You will most likely see a return of past eating habits and as a consequence your efforts would start fading away.

What we need is a long-term change and that will only happen with a lifestyle change. Dieting wastes our time because we spend a lot our efforts thinking about what to eat specifically and what to avoid. When our cravings hit their peak we are constantly hoping for a cheat meal or the end of our diet. This pattern continues and when finally the dieting period is over you are stumped with how to manage your weight now.

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The sensible approach is to start eating healthy and creating a new equation with food. See what makes you feel full and start cutting off unhealthy foodstuff gradually but consistently. When dieting time starts working against us because we are so focused on the deadline which needs to be changed. Make time your friend by changing your lifestyle so that you know you will lose weight regularly and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

It’s not just that but dieting also shifts the responsibility we ought to take in regards to our body to a simple chart that is not equipped to deal with the variables of life. You are going to have to think about calorie intake and deficit, increasing calories, cheat meals and re-feeds, the occasional slip up and your body composition that is ever changing. A simple diet does not have room for all these things and if you blindly follow it without dwelling further on why you are allowed some foods and why some are off the charts you will never learn how to create healthy habits in the long run.

You can’t possibly plan everything in advance which is also an aim of a diet. To decide when to eat what beforehand because chances are your own body and mind might make modifications and that should be OK. You need a guideline not a blueprint of food restrictions because at the end it is your ability to create a healthy appetite and enjoy nutritious food that will help you in the long run.

Diets rarely work and people often jump from one to another because they don’t consider how crucial their own input and relationship with food is and how dieting just exhausts them. The goal should be to create a new lifestyle where picking healthy food comes naturally to you and there are no end dates to making those decisions that help you lose weight.

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