Why Failure In Fitness Is Essential For You

failure in fitness

There are a few things in life that we don’t wish to experience but nevertheless they are extremely important in making us who we are. Although winning showcases our capabilities we are strengthened by our failures and tight spots. The same applies to fitness and weight loss.

The most successful people in the world are those that have accepted and embraced their failures and used them as a vital learning tool which cannot be replicated. This fear of failing and making a fool out of ourselves is what holds many of us back and we never attempt at making changes in life which is possibly the most crippling attitude one could have.

Winners know that in order to truly succeed they need to take risks for the slightest chance that fate would favor them and despite setbacks they never quit. As a matter of fact they come back stronger and smarter and avoid repeating the mistakes of their past by having learned their lesson. Edison quoted that he did not fail thousand times before inventing the bulb but merely found a thousand ways in which bulbs cannot be invented. This innate learning experience is why failure in fitness is not only an option but essential so you can gradually learn about your body and what works for it and what doesn’t.

failure in fitness 2

The most common fitness failures are the most impertinent ones as they are a reflection of what you have tried and a lesson of what to avoid or change in the next go. For instance if you have been on a healthy diet for a long period of time and working out just as planned but due to a stressful or severely hard day you relapse and eat processed food or drinks, instead of calling it quits on the diet you can actually make a note that negative emotions make you susceptible to cravings for junk food and be mentally prepared so the next time an onslaught of emotion occurs you steer our for a long walk to clear your mind instead of downing a bag of chips.

Similarly if the recommended carbohydrate intake for you is making you lose fat like it promised but you are not feeling as active and lively as before learn that your body needs more carbs and with this knowledge find a new ratio of macronutrients that works for you. It would do nobody any good if you just gave up thinking your body is not cut out for it. All you need to do is keep on trying and experimenting.

Even at times as drastic as gaining back 10 to 20 pounds you should simply look back over the past few months and readjust food that you like and exercises that you enjoy in your routine and get back on it. If exercise routines are hard to manage keep on changing the timings and find ways to ensure you get up for the workout.

In fitness muscle failure quite literally is the point you must achieve before starting to build stronger muscles. All you need to do is never allow yourself to quit. Take each failure as a lesson and with those lessons learned improve yourself so that the next time you come back stronger and smarter but most importantly keep on trying.

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