Why The Weight Scale Is Your Own Enemy

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The scale is neither your best friend nor your daily diary that you can’t live without consulting at the end of the day and even though we are not suggesting you completely disregard it and effectively immediately get rid of this tool, we will definitely warn you of all the damage it can cause to your psyche if you don’t know how to use it well.

For starters, scales are not meant to be the only tool to measure fitness and they do not give you an accurate description of your health either. Weighing scales are at best a source of information, the information being ho heavy you are at the present moment which could and would change throughout the day and night.

Our body holds water, muscles, ligaments, organs, tendons and then fat. It is a concoction of all these elements and about 60% of it is plain water. When you step on the scale you are not getting separate constituents andpercentage of these contents which in turn does not help you measure your fat loss or gain.

On the other hand it creates an unhealthy obsession where how you feel about yourself and your weight loss goals are dictated by the number on a weighing machine. Step off it for a while so that the numbers going down are not the only highlights of your day or them going up a cause of depression. Utilize other tools and techniques that can aptly represent your body measurements such as using a tape to measure your body parts, getting cholesterol levels checked and some blood work. If you are going to lose weight, becoming healthy in all other senses also comes with the territory.

weight scale

People that are obese tend to have more percentage of fat than mass and it is not just appearances but heart and blood pressure conditions that would testify to an unhealthy body. At the same time skinny people have no mass if they do not eat properly, have no stamina if they don’t keep themselves fueled and their fat mass could well exceed the one deemed appropriate if they get down to the basics.

But a muscular body with more lean mass, regardless of 150 pounds in weight is definitely healthier because of its potency to bear stress of the day and have more energy. The co-relation between fat and mass needs to be properly evaluated before losing faith in a weight loss program after watching the digital value on a weighing scale. It tempts us to stop eating healthy and doing high-intensity workouts whenever we see the results are not inching in our favor but this expectation that at the end of the day we will lose half a pound is unrealistic.

The fluctuations in our weight occur on a minute by minute basis daily and female cycles, amount of beverage and food intake, how much you have rested or not, sweat, hormones and many other factors influence our weight at a particular time of the day.

A healthy body requires good food and physical exertion but that is not always apparent on a weighing scale, and that should never stop you from carrying on a productive lifestyle that also builds you mentally and stumps out the reliance on numbers or digits representing your weight at the end of the day.

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