You Should Not Focus On Calories To Lose Weight

focus on calories to lose weight

A weight loss program needs to have a depth to it where you figure out ways to improve your overall health and as a courtesy of newly found fitness you start losing weight by losing fat.

But the problem lies with our focus which more often than not revolves solely around calories which is a bad way to approach weight loss. Surely calories have a verified place in every weight loss program but they are not the main focus.

The driving force is always the energy balance which needs to be negative for people to be able to lose weight. This happens only when calories intake is lesser than calories burned and so far the metric of calories plays a significant role but it isn’t the entirety of the solution.

You need to focus on being healthy and means realizing that weight is a side effect of the kind of lifestyle you need. If you continue counting your calories each day it would not do much unless you take concrete steps to change your life from the inside out. Your body composition needs to change from the aspect of fats and muscles and to do that you have to trust your gut and stat eating whole foods.

focus on calories to lose weight 2

If you intake a thousand calories through burger and fries it would be monumentally different from your intake of a thousand calories from lean meat and vegetables. You should gradually start changing your eating habits and bit by bit include more whole foods in your diet. As you go from 50% to 90% of whole foods you will start nourishing your body a lot better. Macro-nutrients such as protein, fats, and carbohydrates are quite essential for our bodies. Not only that but real solid food provides us with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that fuel our body better. So make sure your calorie intake is coming from the right source.

Another important detail is exercise or in terms of calorie the amount of calorie burned. Don’t assume that a 30 minute workout will magically solve all your problems. Your focus should be on getting an active lifestyle where you don’t just exercise at one time but are on the move all the time doing mundane tasks, walking a bit, taking the stairs when you can andavoid staying put in one place all the time. This would mean a lot in terms of losing weight in the long run as you are bound to burn enough calories to shred about ten pounds in a year and this is a whole lot better than short term exercise programs that don’t do much in isolation.

While we are asking you to step back and shift your focus from the superficiality of a calorie number to larger things in life there is another element of inner construct that needs to be addressed if you are to successfully implement a weight loss program and that is creating a self-image that is positive and makes you feel worth all the hard work. Remember to cherish your body and realize that all you are doing is because you love it and want the best for it. Self-acceptance will give you enough positivity and you need that before you start changing your inner and outward physique.

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